My Dream Home

Housing options in Pune are not going to be the same again, what with Kolte Patil Developers announcing their 24K Province project [Link to website] near the Hinjewadi Infotech Park (where incidentally my Pune office is located) and the Mumbai-Pune Expressway (for all those quick trips to Mumbai and back). This already bustling city can now boast of this pearl in its real estate crown with this luxury mixed-use destination spread across no less than 1.6 million square feet, no less.

The developers, the Kolte Patil group have a reputation that is synonymous with quality, excellence and timeliness in all their projects. Ranging from their integrated townships, IT Parks and other retail projects in Pune and Bangalore, their formidable reputation of being one of the most customer-friendly and customer-centric real estate developers adds the necessary sheen to the already shining 24K Province project.

As if this weren’t enough, this time around, for this project, they have tied up with the Porcelanosa Group, a global giant which offers a wide product range including kitchen and bathroom equipment and state-of-the-art solutions for contemporary architecture. Their entire catalogue [Link to catalogue] is available for all 24K Province customers and prospective owners can pick and choose based on their likes and preferences.

As for me, the following would be my choices for my dream 24K Province home –

Anti-Slip flooring [Link]

001-AntiSlipFlooringThe R&D that has gone into these flooring systems is something that needs to be experienced to be believed. Coupled with the latest advancements in technology, these floors not only retain their original colors but are also extremely long lasting with minimal maintenance. After all, we don’t want to spend a good part of our day cleaning up the floors, do we! We have better things to do.

Par-Ker Ceramic Parquet Wall Tiles [Link]

002-ParKerThis patented technology allows for highly resistant walls which don’t fade or damage with time and extensive usage. After all, we don’t want to prevent our kids from using the walls of their home as they like, do we.

KRION Kitchen Worktops [Link]

Once again, this patented technology for kitchen worktops has resulted in an extremely superior chemically resistant material. Optimal for usage in Indian kitchens where oil spills, acids from cut vegetables, hot milk spilt on the kitchen counter and other minor kitchen disasters by part-time bachelors (when the wife 003-KitchenWorktopsgoes on her vacation) are common, these kitchen worktops will ensure that no stains are permanent, in our kitchens or in our lives.

Various options picked and chosen from the wide bathroom catalogue [Link]

The options that Porcelanosa offers in the bathroom fittings area is quite unbelievable, but not surprising considering that this truly remains one of their strongest points. I personally found it very hard to pick and choose one of the options from this particular section as each and every one of them is cutting edge, customer friendly and so aesthetically pleasing.

Designer Wardrobes and Dressing Room options from the catalogue [Link]

004-WardrobeThe custom designs that Porcelanosa offers in the wardrobes and dressing room space is also quite mind-blowing. Customized to suit individual tastes and the overall décor of the rest of the house, the options provided here range from extremely classy to extremely elegant and functional. Combining the best in design and aesthetic sense, this range also left me quite breathless.

And as if these weren’t enough choice for me, I would also probably opt for a few things from the Building Solutions options as well [Link]. Now, if the above doesn’t constitute my Dream Home, I don’t what else will.

With the wonderful facilities offered by the developers at 24K Glitterati which includes sports and recreation facilities, swimming pool, wellness zones and state of the art security management, my life at this integrated township would be as idyllic and blissful as I could have ever imagined. This deadly combination of 24K Glitterati and Porcelanosa is surely God-send for people like me who are on the look-out for elegant, classy, functional and affordable housing solutions.

PS: All images used in this post have been sourced from the Porcelanosa website [Link].


This post has been written for Indiblogger’s Perfect Your Dream Home campaign.

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