Five Items

A favorite party-game question remains what are the five items that you would want with you on a deserted island? And through this post I will try and put forth my views on what my choice of items would be, and the rationale for their choice.

Original Swiss Army Knife

SwissArmyKnifeNow anybody who has ever seen one of these in stores or actually had the pleasure of using one of these will know that this knife is quite a ‘no-brainer’ first choice as an invaluable companion on a deserted island.

While the standard blades of this knife includes the knife, scissors, pliers, bottle opener, a corkscrew, more advanced versions include all of these and more. It therefore goes without saying that this knife will prove to be more than its worth in gold (or probably more, given that I am stuck on a deserted island) when it comes to survival. It must be said that one needs to have a reasonably creative bent of mind to figure out how to optimally use this wonderful piece of Swiss engineering to ensure survival on the island.

A large pack of Waterproof Matches

WaterproofMatchesWhile it is fashionable and macho to imagine that I would figure out how to start a fire almost immediately after landing on the island, the honest truth would be that it would take me quite a while to figure out the perfect technique to start a fire. In the meantime, to ensure that I don’t freeze to death and also get to heat water and cook whatever food is available on the island, I would want a large pack of waterproof matches with me.

A warm waterproof jacket with a hood

JacketWithaHoodEven tropical islands are subject to thunderstorms, and I would therefore want a slightly oversized warm waterproof jacket with a hood to protect myself from the elements. In fact, the larger the jacket the better it would be for me. After all I am more concerned with survival rather than looking like an oversized eskimo given the ‘shipwrecked’ situation that I find myself in. This jacket would also serve as my sleeping bag, and if required, as the roof to my tent fashioned out of bamboo or thin wood on the island during the summer.

Reasonably stocked first aid kit

FirstAidKitYes I know I am probably cheating here by including an entire first aid kit in my list, but hey, nobody packs individual medicines anymore do they, more so when you are either travelling by a ship or a plane which are the only two modes of transport from where I can get marooned on a deserted island.

The kit would have to include basic painkillers, antiseptics, antibiotics, aloe vera and other basic medicines required to survive the initial few days on the island when I am still learning the ‘tricks of the trade’ of survival.

Rope (preferably one with a twisted metal inner layer and a plastic outer layer)

TwistedMetalRopeThis once again would serve as a multi-purpose utility item and if used creatively can prove to be quite the life-changer in this situation. While the metal layer provides the strength, the plastic outer layer ensures that it remains rust-free. And given the right amount of tensility, this can be used to achieve more than quite a few things.

So, what do you folks think of my list? Does it rival Tom Hanks’ situation in Shipwrecked? Or have I missed out anything really critical? Let me know in the comments section.


This post has been written for Project 365: A post a day where the intention is to publish at least one post a day based on the prompts provided. Today’s prompt was what are the five items you must have on a deserted island?

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