End of the world

Doomsday_Signs_WIdeFriends, fellow humans, who are listening to me today, pay heed to this important message.

We stand here today on the brink of extinction and despite all that you have been led to believe through the years, I contend that the phenomenon of organized religion and lack of empathy to other living beings is what has brought us to the precipice of the end of our species.

Back in the twentieth century, we were constantly warned by well-intentioned individuals about the consequences of our self-destructive behavior back then, but we dismissed them as pessimists, tree-huggers and stupid atheists. But today, just a couple of centuries down the line, we now realize how farsighted they were and worse, how true their predictions turned out to be.

Over the years, organized religion which began as a way to unite large masses of people together to work towards a common cause, to strive for a common heaven and a common utopia soon became a powerful potent tool in the hands of the more intelligent among us. These so called ‘high priests’ of various religions realized that by manipulating and twisting popular narrative about the Gods and Heaven they were able to amplify the worst in our behavior and forced us to turn on each other in the name of protecting our ‘faith’. While doing so, little did we realize that the only people who benefited from us turning on each other were these so called religious ‘leaders’ who made good of their elevated status in their respective religions.

Beginning with their concerted attempts to rewrite history and replacing true incidents with popular narratives which presented their own gods and prophets in positive light, these high priests ensured that we were all indoctrinated right from a very young age. By spewing vitriolic sermons against all other religions except their own, each and every one of them ensured that as humans, we would hate our fellow humans simply because they didn’t worship the same Gods we did or share the same culture of worship we did. Thus, my contention that organized religion is probably the single biggest cause for our decimation as a race is proven.

Coupled with an absolute lack of empathy for other living beings with whom we share this wonderful earth, our barbaric behavior towards each other and towards other living beings in general for selfish purposes also contributed in no small manner to the complete breakdown of the already fragile ecological balance on earth. Starting with indiscriminate exploitation of our perishable natural resources such as oil, coal and other minerals, we soon started killing all plant and animal species one by one without worrying about the long term impact that their extinction will have on the overall ecology of our planet.

Our blind faith that our scientists would soon find a way to colonize the moon, Mars or some other nearby planet remained just pipe dreams. In hindsight, we would probably have been better off by being more judicious and cautious about how much of our natural resources we used and how we used them. We should have put in more efforts to ensure a more sustainable way of life to ensure that we didn’t run out of time as we have today.

Although this speech is appropriate allegory to the famous saying in hindsight, even the fool is wise it doesn’t take away from the fact that in catastrophic times like these, we cannot do anything more than to muse about what it is that our forefathers did, that brought us to this situation.


This post has been written for Project 365: A post a day where the intention is to publish at least one post a day based on the prompts provided. Today’s prompt was You have 15 minutes to address the world on TV or on radio. What would you say?  My post presents a doomsday picture a couple of centuries down the line where the world stands on the brink of complete annihilation and the speech thereof.


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