My Day

The date is 10th of January, it is The Supreme Ruler’s Day today.

King01As is the norm, my faithful minions would have worked around the clock to ensure that all children below the age of 15 yrs have been delivered with books appropriate to their age and reading habits. After all, it is critical that future generations of this wonderful universe are equipped with a broad enough point of view on things which only a wide variety of reading can give them. Of all the good things done on this day, the book distribution remained my favorite one.

I still remember the first Supreme Ruler’s Day and how it was conceived all of a decade and a half ago. On that fateful night of 9th January, the clouds finally parted way to let in a bright beam of light (funnily enough looking just like that light before the massive explosion scene in the movie The Independence Day from sometime in the 1990s, all those years ago). And then all of a sudden a voice which funnily enough everybody in the world understood informed them that going forward me, mahabore, of all the people would be their Supreme Ruler and that from the next day, the 10th of January when I turned 19 yrs old, they would have to abide by my rules.

King02I was as surprised as everybody else was, but who was I to question the powers that be. And in honor of this joyous occasion, my first order of duties was to declare 10th of January as The Supreme Ruler’s Day.

This would be a day where the administration took it upon itself to cook and serve food to the entire kingdom at official expense, provide all citizens with one fresh new pair of clothes based on their occupations, provide at least one book to all children below 15 yrs of age based on the specifications mentioned in the first paragraph, and overall a day of great celebration.

On this national holiday, the citizens of this great kingdom would take a day off from their regular occupations and celebrate the joy of being alive, active and thank The Supreme Ruler and the powers that be for their bountiful existence. Between what nature had provided them with, their own hard work and prudent exercise of authority by The Supreme Ruler, the citizens had everything they required for a comfortable life and were never found to be lacking in anything that was required to keep them happy.

King03On this day, the citizens therefore thank me, The Supreme Ruler and the powers that be for all the good things in their lives and hoped and prayed that they wouldn’t have to return to the dark days of yore where institutionalized religion and dirty politics played in the guise of democracy had effectively ensured that mankind had reached the brink of extinction.


This post has been written for Project 365: A post a day where the intention is to publish at least one post a day based on the prompts provided. Today’s prompt was that I had been declared the Supreme Ruler of the universe and I had to describe a holiday or festival I had created in my honor in great detail.

5 thoughts on “My Day

  1. ..and so, by royal decree, the tenth of January shall be forever remembered as ‘Your Day”, oh Demi-God 🙂 A very interesting (and quite amusing) post, Jai.

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