Go sleeek with the new ASUS Eeebook and AIO

WeightLet’s face it, most of us use our laptops only for browsing, the occasional blog post publishing and mostly for listening to music, watching movies and consuming social media. And in such a scenario, it goes without saying that the lighter the laptop, the better; and any laptop which allows us to perform these tasks competently without being too much of a burden, either on our shoulders or on our pockets would be nothing short of God-sent, would it.

BatteryIf you agree with my thoughts on the paragraph above, well then, all our prayers have been answered with the launch of the ASUS Eeebook X205. Picture this, a computing device with a full keyboard and trackpad, weighing less than 1 kg, a battery which allows 11 hrs of video viewing, 12 hrs of web browsing, 13 hrs of music playing, with Intel Inside, a free one year subscription to Microsoft Office 365, four vibrant colors, and all this for less than INR 15,000/-. Can you ask for more? Wouldn’t it be too selfish to wish for more?

PriceSo then, what are all you wonderful folks waiting for. Head right over to Flipkart [Link] and explore as many details as you want about the device itself and click on the Shop Now buttons to make it yours as soon as possible. Remember it has already run out of stock once since its launch a week ago, but fret not, the company has promised as much stock as we need to satisfy our mobile computing needs.

As if the launch of this one wonderful product wasn’t enough, ASUS also launched their latest offering n the All In One (AIO) space, the ASUS AIO ET 2040. Now, this device is designed in such a manner that while your entire family can use it for all its computing needs, it is also designed keeping convenience and the aesthetics of your living room in mind. After all, most AIOs today find a place in the living rooms of our homes where they double up (or is it triple up) as media consumption, entertainment and social media devices all at once. Weighing at less than 3.5 kgs, with a nicely designed swivel stand and enough ports to connect it to any conceivable accessory (such as printers, scanners, TVs, external HDDs, etc), this device packs a punch that is way bigger than its weight in kilos.


I am more than sure that most of you are already torn between the choice of purchasing the laptop and the AIO, but this post would surely be incomplete without the wonderful launch event co-organized by Indiblogger and ASUS for these devices.

I mean, how many product launches feature 200 of the best bloggers from Bangalore, a live band, a five star hotel ambience, fun impromptu events and some sumptuous food at the same time. Trust Indiblogger to pull out all the stops and organize what will probably remain one of the most memorable blogger meets that Bangalore has ever seen.

I guess as the saying goes ‘absence makes the heart grow fonder’ and the gap between the previous meet and this one probably contributed to the fact that the team went all out to make this a memorable product launch, and in my opinion, they succeeded in this endeavor quite well.

6 thoughts on “Go sleeek with the new ASUS Eeebook and AIO

  1. I agree, Jai. The laptop unit is pretty awesome for that price and having used a number of Asus products, I reckon most of them pack a punch. And as for the meet, it was awesome to meet you again.

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