A Trip Down Reality Lane – Ian Thomas Malone – Book Review


Goodreads blurb: College life can be tough…

For a junior pursuing a degree in English with no plans for his future, living in the present is far better than the alternative.

One morning he wakes up and embarks on an acid trip to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts with two of his friends.

A step outside reality might be the best way to come back down to earth…

Along the way, the three friends discover what matters most to them, and more importantly, that life is not so much about answers as it is about the exploration of the questions.

When the real world doesn’t quite cut it, take a journey down the rabbit hole.


The protagonist (unnamed throughout the book) decides to spend a Saturday ‘tripping’ on LSD and visiting the Museum of Fine Arts and then watching The Lion King in 3D. While the expectation was that he would have some fun with his friends on the trip, he didn’t quite anticipate the ways in which this particular day and the experiences he had would end up changing him.

This is a ‘coming of age’ story dealt with in an extremely unconventional manner and probably in a form which might appeal more than other conventional modes to college-going students in the US. In fact, I would go as far enough to say that it probably is as close to ‘real college experiences’ as any book can get and the author seems to have successfully mined into the psyche of the average US college going kid. Although, I must confess that all of my knowledge about US college life and the kids there are based purely on hearsay and popular depictions of the same in television and movies.

The experiences they have on their ‘trip’, some of the funnier incidents, some of the fleeting thoughts and profound ‘eye openers’ that the protagonist has during the trip makes up the major portion of the narrative as it should. Suffice to say that the author has the knack of keeping the reader engaged, especially in portions where he draws reasonably decent analogies between the sights and sounds they encounter with his personal experiences and the current dilemma he faces in terms of the uncertainty regarding his future.

A decent one time read for sure, this book will surely appeal to almost all college students and teenagers universally. Click here to purchase the book from Amazon [Link].


Disclaimer: A review copy of this book was provided to me by the author in return for a honest and unbiased review.

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