The Deadly Duo


Picture this situation; you are reaching the end of the financial quarter and this has been a terrible quarter, both for your company and your client as well. The sheer volume of financial transactions has been mind-boggling and the ongoing economic recession means that your company cannot hire additional resources to handle the increased load. You and your teammates are pulling in all-nighters as well as working through most morning hours as well, and yet the load simply refuses to come down. The only times you can relax a little and forget about work is when you folks go to the company cafeteria to grab a cup of coffee and some snacks as a team. It is only in the lobby of the cafeteria that all boundaries of hierarchy, age, gender and class are broken down and your true spirit of camaraderie comes out to the fore.

Now, while the company management realizes that while monetary compensation is probably the best reward that they can offer the team for all the hard efforts they are putting in during the quarter, there is only so much happiness that money can buy. Your bosses really want to do something special for you folks. They literally want to re-energize the team and charge them up so that it can take on the additional work-load with renewed vigor. What would you suggest?

Well, why think any further than the ‘deadly duo’ of music and dance? After all, there is hardly anybody who doesn’t respond positively to foot-tapping music and mind-blowing dance performances. It is a universally known truth that the right genre of music is probably one of the most effective therapies for all of us to take our mind of tensions, worries and live in the moment and enjoy life to the fullest. It also goes without saying that when we hear awesome music, if we see an equally mind-blowing dance performance, then our bodies and minds will be doubly re-energized.

And when you think of this ‘deadly duo’ of dance and music, why would you want to look any further than the ‘deadly duo’ of Anushka Manchanda for the music and Allu Arjun for the dance performance. After all, they have more than half the country’s youngsters rocking and re-energized with their bubbly, chirpy and overall energetic personalities.

Picture this, your bosses arrange for a secret impromptu concert of this duo without publicizing it within the company at all. You and your team head out to the cafeteria for your much needed break, and you find the cafeteria engulfed in darkness when you step out of the elevators. And then suddenly the music starts, foot-tapping music, and gradually when the lights come on, you see Anushka behind the turntables at a makeshift DJ counter. By the time this fact registers and you begin enjoying her groovy beats, Allu Arjun makes his way on to the stage by literally tearing through the back of the specially made prop for his foot-tapping, mind-blowing performance.

Just imagine this, the combination of music and dance, of Anushka and Allu Arjun, of good food, good music and good times. Do you think you and your team could get any better re-energizers? I don’t think so.


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