Cricket Information – At the speed of light

I still remember the days when my grandfather used to rely on his trusted Philips transistor radio and tune into either BBC or Ceylon Radio to get live commentary of the test matches happening in those days. For him cricketing legends like Gavaskar, Sobers, Gundappa Vishwanath and Vivian Richards were just names and faces from newspaper clippings.

My father though had the fortune of actually following cricket in an era when televisions slowly started making their way into our homes. In fact, the first tournament he saw on TV was the Prudential World Cup of 1983 when Kapil’s Devils beat the mighty Windies to bring the cup home.

As for me, I have been brought up on a healthy diet of cricket on TV and a major part of the last decade has been an explosion of sorts in terms of the sheer volume of cricket being broadcast on TV screens. But for the generation after mine, this simply is not enough. TV simply is not enough for them.

This truly is the day and age when cricket lovers can breathe a sigh of relief as they can easily follow the fortunes of their favorite cricket teams and players with just the swiping of a few fingers on their smart phones.

And this is where the free UC Browser ( with its special focus on cricket ( is a godsend opportunity for cricket fans to have the latest cricket related information at their fingertips (quite literally). It not only has the latest live scores of all international matches with live ball by ball commentary, but also a historical database of results, scores, scorecards and other statistics related to all matches. As if this weren’t enough, it also has the latest news regarding cricket, teams playing the game and all other people involved with the same, either as players, or as administrators or commentators or in any other capacity. In a nutshell, UC Cricket is the cricket lovers’ one stop shop for all information related to cricket, in what is probably the most easy to use interface as well.

It goes without saying that we all live in an era where information is king, and more importantly the speed at which relevant information is delivered to us is probably the only condition based on which we choose our sources of information. And it is in this regard that the UC Browser and UC Cricket in particular score really high. Gone are the days when we had to stare at our phone screens and see the ‘buffering circle’ spinning round and round. With its proprietary cutting edge technology working at the back-end, the UC Browser and UC Cricket ensure that all cricket related information is delivered to us almost immediately after each ball is bowled.

In case you are still not convinced, go ahead and watch this video, which will make a convert out of you for sure. I mean, it has none other Yuvraj Singh (yes, you heard me right, Yuvraj Singh) endorsing UC Browser and UC Cricket!!!

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