Shoot to shop

FlipkartWhen the Indiblogger team sent an invite for a Flipkart event to be held at The Hard Rock Café (yes, you read it right) on 01 Aug, I was sure that this was going to be a ‘big bang’ event given both Indiblogger’s and Flipkart’s penchant for putting together large scale events that literally ‘rocked’. And man, was I right or what?

If anything, I underestimated the capacity of both of them to put together such a classy and fun filled launch event for the #flipkartimagesearch (Flipkart Image Search) feature of their mobile app. And the ‘big bang’ in this case turned out to be more of a ‘shoot to search’ event.

Picture this, you are partying hard at a pub, let’s say The Hard Rock Café on a Friday night. You are letting your hair down, the drinks are flowing, the music is blaring and you are dancing the night away and in walks your favorite film star or socialite celebrity or even just another billionaire businessman. And what’s better, he or she is wearing an ensemble, a dress, a suit, an evening gown or any other dress or other accessories that catches your eye and you would love to own, then the new solution from Flipkart is your Godsent opportunity to cash in on your luck.

All you have to do is to open up the app, use the Image Search option in the same and click a photo of the dress or the accessory that catches your eye. Hit on the Search button and lo and behold the app displays not only that particular item but also other items similar to that. And pretty soon you could be the proud owner of that dress or accessory.

As if this product was not good enough, the Indiblogger team (which also doubles up as a rock band) put on a lovely performance playing a couple of chartbusters and an Eminem song, no less. With the acoustics of The Hard Rock Café, the fun loving Indibloggers and the availability of free liquor with finger food, the event was nothing short of a bonanza for Flipkart lovers like myself.

After the initial ice-breaker events, the Product Manager for Flipkart Image Search went on to describe why this product was conceived in the first place and he went on to elucidate as to how the next 800-900 mn new internet users in India were going to access the web primarily through apps and how Flipkart wanted to continue being their first choice for online shopping across categories. At the end of his interesting and enlightening talk, it was quite clear that the Image Search product was conceived and developed keeping in mind this large chunk of Indian population for whom the mobile phone was more than just another mode of communication. Innovative companies such as Flipkart with their cutting edge products are clearly poised to make a lasting impression on the lives of very many Indians and this was clearly illustrated by the passion with which the entire Product Team of Flipkart interacted with the bloggers at the venue.

In a nutshell the whole event was a Saturday well spent in the company of good friends, good food, good drinks and an awesome team from Flipkart.

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