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Welcome to Mahabore’s Mumblings. Read more about me at this link [Link to About Me].

My first blog on the Blogger platform (http://mahabore.blogspot.in ) started off with an intention to chronicle my campus life at B-School so that my friends back at Bangalore could get to know what exactly I was doing at campus. Unfortunately since none of them were tech savvy the entire idea of the blog didn’t quite take off with them, but surprisingly enough my blog found readers from other B-Schoolers across the country. I used to blog quite regularly from April 2004 to around March 2006, after which corporate pressures ensured that the blog almost died a natural death.

However, sometime in 2007, I discovered that writing reviews of the movies that I had watched would be a nice way to give a new birth to my blog and therefore for the next year or so, the blog witnessed quite a few movie reviews, almost a 100 of them if memory serves me right.

Somewhere in mid 2007 I figured out that the WordPress platform was much more easier and intuitive to use when compared to Blogger and therefore switched here (https://mahabore.wordpress.com ). I kind of wanted to give blogging a fresh new start and therefore didn’t quite import any of my old posts into this blog.

However, during the period between mid 2007 to mid 2013, this blog also has seen only sporadic updation and not too much regularity or frequency in posting. It was only in July 2013 when I quit smoking and desperately needed something to keep my mind ticking did this blog really take off. The last few months since mid July 2013 have been insane in terms of frequency of posting and my blog also seems to have acquired a niche of its own now.

While I used to write on almost all topics and pretty much anything and everything under the sun, nowadays most of my posts are either on mythological stories or on parenting. Every once in a while I write fictional short stories when some of the writing prompts I participate in don’t allow me to put down mythological posts.

This was about my blog, Mahabore’s Mumblings in a nutshell. Feel free to click around, explore the blog and let me know your thoughts. More importantly enjoy your stay here, and come back once in a while to read my newest posts.

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13 thoughts on “About mahabore

  1. I visited your blog and I was wondering if I can recommend it. Although ours is not a humor website, we can all use a good laugh in this world where there are a lot of things not to laugh about. I am sure my visitors would appreciate websites like yours. Let me know if this is ok. Thanks for your time and take care.

  2. @ mahabore, got to your page from the guest blog on Sakshi’s blog and loved it… why do I get the feeling we share more than just a love for writing/blogging .. the company for an instance? 🙂

    • @Seeta, if you are referring to the company I keep in terms of the blogs I read, then yes, both of us seem to be huge fans of Sakshi, don’t we? 😀

  3. Jairam, Your title , Mahabore doesnt do justice to the wonderful stuff you churn out. I am sorry I have been a lil late in catching up with your blog posts. But I have to say this , I am a convert and i love your writing. Nice to catch up with another individual like me, caught in a job to pay the bills, Thank you for being such an integral part of my nascence.

    • @Thumbelina, yes, I really have to put up a post explaining the origins of the name mahabore for the blog. Although the story is not as interesting as the name itself, but it still is a story which has to be told, especially given the number of queries that I have fielded in recent times regarding why it is called that 😀

      Regarding your blog, yes, I am a regular reader and do tend to leave comments on most posts I read unless it is something completely over the top of my head like poetry or anything like that. And yes, I too am stuck in a job just to pay the bills, otherwise I guess my true calling lies in writing, commercially viable or otherwise 😀 Keep coming back to the blog for more interesting posts, thanks for the compliments 😀

  4. Looks like there’s been a slight change in the design and layout. This is good, though it’s still the old design that I keep picturing when I think mahabore.wordpress.com 🙂

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