Late nights and early mornings

I absolutely detest it when the two-legged mortal with the funny eyes from next door gets up so early in the morning and switches on the light in his bedroom. Having the alert personality that I am born with, this means that I also have to shake off my sleep and be wide awake. After all, I cannot sleep when somebody in the vicinity is awake, can I?

As things stand it is bad enough that my masters stay awake till quite late at night staring at the funny device which displays those moving pictures and makes funny loud noises. Although I have to admit that it does feel nice whenever they watch something related to my people some of the days. Yes, it is quite distressing when they show my elder cousins devour smaller prey with gay abandon, but that is the only way I get to see them ever, given that they are probably roaming in the wild a few months walk away.

But I digress. Coming back to the point I was trying to make, the fact that my masters sleep so late in the night means that I get my few winks of sleep only after they settle down for the night. And when the two-legged mortal next door gets up so early in the morning (in fact, so early that the moon is still in the sky and the sun is still a few hours away from making an appearance) it means that I rarely get any sleep at all.

As if all this was not bad enough, the new small being upstairs keeps moaning and wailing all through the night as well, which ensures that whatever little shut eye I get is also disturbed. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore all these small beings as they are cute, cuddly and generally very loving. The wide open eyes with which they initially watch me, the fun little games they play with me when they start walking upright, the bundles of little energy they grow up into, are all really good things to look forward to when they are born. But the initial two years when they are really little and can barely crawl are really painful, especially if they are the sort that keep awake all night and sleep well during the day. After all, me and my kind are frowned upon if we end up sleeping during the day. It is just not done.

In any case, I have had a good life so far. For ten long dog years, this family which adopted me as a pup, has treated me really well. In fact they have treated me far better than they treat some of their own kind. I have been fed well, kept well exercised, taken to the medicine man whenever I needed some medication, well-loved and really appreciated as well. What more can a dog ask for? Especially someone as old as me who is by now well on his way to that wonderful place where all dogs go to when they go to sleep permanently.

Having said that I have always wondered what it would be like to have the companionship of somebody like me. I have always lived with these two legged mortals and have only now and then had opportunities to interact with my own kind. And even those interactions have been very temporary and have lasted only a few minutes. But then, having seen other stray brothers and sisters who struggle even for daily food, I guess I have been more than lucky to have been adopted by this wonderful loving family.

Hmmm, I must be growing old, thinking about all these things so early in the morning. But what do I do? That stupid funny eyed man from next door refuses to switch off the light in his room and go to sleep.

labrador retriever dog cartoon illustration


This post has been written for Project 365 : A post a day where the intention is to publish at least one post a day based on the prompts provided. Today’s prompt was to write a story about myself from the perspective of an object, thing, animal or another person. Although I wrote this post from the perspective of Sheru, the lovely Labrador from next door, I didn’t quite write about myself, but instead wrote about some of the troubles he faces sleeping with his owners staying up really late and me getting up early in the morning.


Yesterday was precisely the day I had been dreading for a while now. It was one of those days that everybody talks about, and scares you. It was one of those days that make you doubt yourself, your ability to handle stress, and your guts and gumption.

Well, to be very honest, it was reasonably long overdue. After all, it had been quite a while since I had seen a day like that. In fact, the last such day was such a long time ago that I actually don’t remember when it was. Suffice to say, that it was at least more than 365 days ago, well before I landed up in this wonderful City of Nawabs, Hyderabad. In these 365 days, I have successfully travelled halfway across the world, spent around 30 days in the West Coast of the US of A, travelled all the way across to the East Coast where I spent another wonderful 30 days, without an incident of this nature.

Considering the law of averages, which per Wikipedia description states that “outcomes of a random event shall even out within a small sample”, which in layman terms assumes that unnatural short-term balancing must occur, in any event or in life in general. This being said, I had successfully managed to avoid the law of averages for more than 365 days, which in my books is a reasonable record by itself.

In fact, taking it a step further, Murphy’s Law which states that “if anything can go wrong, it will” was also disproved by me for the past one year or so, and that to me is probably a greater achievement than India going on to win at least 17 Gold Medals in the Beijing Olympics.

So, to get back to the point I was trying to make, yesterday was the day when both these laws, the law of averages and Murphy’s Law decided to catch up with me, and make me pay for being so cocky. Yesterday was the day when finally the bones, tissues, blood and muscles in my over-weight (just a tad) body decided to rebel against me. Yesterday was the day when I had to leave office, work and everything else midway, go back home and crawl up and go to sleep. Yesterday was the day when I had to actually take off half a day from work.


PS: Am back in office today though. Back to battle both these damn laws if not for anything else, just to prove that I am way better than them!!!

The week of comebacks

Well, here’s a small list of all the ‘comebacks’ that have happened over the past week –

1. I came back to India from the US. For me, it was like literally walking from the Frying Pan into the Fire, both in terms of work and quite literally the weather back here at Hyderabad. The blast of hot air that hit me the moment I walked out of the new Shamsabad International Airport Arrivals terminal is something that I cannot fully accurately describe. Suffice to say that it was hot!!!

2. I went back home to Bangalore after 5 months. Albeit it was a crazy trip considering that I got off a train at 11 AM on Saturday, had to get ready and leave for a wedding at around 4 PM, came back at around 10 PM, left home early on Sunday morning at 7 AM, came back at 12 PM and had a train to catch at 6 PM, the fact still remains that I went back home after quite a while.

3. I got back to my team back here at Hyderabad. The team which was 4 member strong has grown to become 6 member strong. So it’s a comeback to training the new guys on the team and bringing them upto speed.

4. I got back to my usual schedule of coming in reasonably early to office and going back home reasonably late. Although the Missus is not too excited about this particular ‘comeback’ of mine, this just has to be done for the next few days to tide over the current work situation.

5. Shoaib Akthar has come back to playing active cricket and contributing to the victories of the Kolkata Knight Riders.

6. Aishwarya Rai has made a stunning comeback with Jodhaa Akbar. I ll surely have to put up a review of this wonderful movie sometime soon, considering the effect that it has had on me.

7. Indiana Jones has made his much-awaited comeback to the silver screen. Cannot wait to watch this particular instalment of the wonderful franchise.