History in the making


5..4..3..2..1..Take Off. The shuttle was on its way into outer space.

Creeper was so elated, after all his attempts at staying undetected in various nooks and corners of the shuttle had proven successful. He was creating history, but nobody would know of it.

Creeper was going to be the first cockroach in space ever.


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This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda. The prompt was that the post should start with 5..4..3..2..1.. and that is the reason it has been highlighted separately.


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The cyclist – 55 fiction

Lance Armstrong cycled because he wanted to win, I cycle because I have to.

Kids cycle to have fun, enjoy the weather, I cycle irrespective of rain or shine.

Most of you cycle because you want to, I cycle because I need to.

Who am I?

I am your average, under-age, under-paid newspaper delivery boy.



This 55 fiction is a tribute to all the young kids out there delivering newspapers to earn a living for themselves and their families.

Stories like this one [Link to article] are few and far between and it is up to us to make a difference if we can.


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The bag – 55 fiction

He ran fast and hard, huffing, he made his way through the narrow lane onto the road leading straight home. They were after his bag, and they would not give up. He was one, they were six, not an even match.

He finally got home, now he could enjoy the raw mango, all by himself.



This post is a tribute to the small childhood treats that all of us have enjoyed – raw mangoes, peanuts, corn,  inji murappa, etc.

Do let me know what your favorite treats were, in the comments section.


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Welcome back old friend – 55 fiction

You are never too far away, just one ice cream, just one chilled juice, just one cold shower away, aren’t you? And you had to pick Friendship Day, of all the days to pay me a visit.

Welcome back, old friend, welcome back, you dirty ‘common cold’!!! This time don’t stay back for too long.




This 55 fiction is dedicated to an old friend, the common cold who chose Sunday, Aug 4th, Friendship Day to grace me with his presence, in a big way. Looks like he will stay back for a week, as usual 😦


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55 fiction – Love, strangers and Gatorade

These are my first few attempts at 55 fiction and I will decide whether I am good enough to continue to try and write in this genre once in a while based on your comments and feedback.


Eternal Love

She would come to him anytime now. He had been waiting for her for almost 20 yrs now.

He knew how much she also missed him. He had often seen her sobbing silently in his memories.

Finally, she was old enough and it was time to leave her body to rejoin him in the after-life.


The Unknown Stranger

All the mourners wondered who he was.

He had arrived at the funeral home first, looked distraught and was quite visibly disturbed.

Even Mrs D’Souza, the widow didn’t know who he was.

After he left, they opened the cover he had left on the coffin.

 It read “Thank you for sponsoring my education”.


Mystery of the new Gatorade

Jim didn’t quite like the new blue Gatorade flavor, it was all gooey and wasn’t quite as much fun as the old one.

The missus came in asking “Jim, have you seen my new home-made herbal shampoo, I had put it in the blue Gatorade bottle.