Eysium – missing the point altogether


Now anybody who has seen District 9 and is a big fan of Director Neill Blomkamp’s work or is a fan of Matt Damon’s work will surely get tempted by the poster above, which has Damon looking down at you and also the line which clearly reads “From the Director of District 9

But anybody who watched Elysium for these reasons will be surprised, and unfortunately the surprise is not a pleasant one. Read my review of Elysium at my other blog [Link to post]

Star Trek Into Darkness – Movie Review


Star Trek : Into Darkness [Link to IMDB entry] takes off the ground running. Right from the opening sequence, not one scene is wasted, not one shot of footage is extra or useless and this speaks volumes for the tight screenplay by the writers of the movie. While this usually pans out good for most movies, having an extremely tight screenplay in action movies is wrought with risk. These movies run the risk of having too many action sequences, and too many twists and turns in the plot to keep the audience engaged that sometimes they turn into a farce of a movie.

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Gravity – An out of the world experience


Very few movies have the ability to get me to watch them two days in a row, much less in a theatre where the entire process of watching the movie involves online booking of tickets, taking an auto to the theatre, standing in queue to get into the movie hall, putting on my 3-D glasses and actually enjoying the entire experience. And Gravity [IMDB Link] is one such movie where I probably am more than willing to do the entire routine for a third time as well. That speaks volumes for how good this movie really is.

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Kajal Kapur, one of my favorite bloggers has recently started her movie related blog, Movie Massala [Link to blog] and she kindly agreed to put up my review of this movie as a Guest Post there. Read, enjoy and watch the movie as well. Thanks for the opportunity Kajal, truly appreciate it.

Silver Linings Playbook – More than just a rom-com


I am sure we have all seen our fair share of romantic comedies (or Rom-Coms as the genre is popularly called) as movie fans and am sure that we have also enjoyed quite a few of them. To me some of the standout rom-coms in recent times are “The Proposal” starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds, and “What happens in Vegas” starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. Now while “Silver Linings Playbook” starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper has been classified in the rom-com genre, I seem to have issues with that classification.

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Movie Badasses: 3 memorable super villains of recent times


I have always been a superhero buff right from a young age when my dad bought me my first Superman comic book, and maybe that is why when I started watching movies quite seriously, it was quite natural that the superhero genre of movies fascinated me a lot. Now the fun part about superheroes is the fact that these are usually confrontations between good and evil in the classic sense. That being said, the 2000s have brought with them a new genre of superhero.

Today’s superheroes are no longer just black or white, but they are a whole lot greyer than ever before. All this greyness in their personalities ensure that their intentions, motivations are probably not quite as well defined as they used to be and these characters are becoming more and more complicated as time goes by. I guess this is the result of the uncertain and ambiguous times that we live in nowadays.

However, one thing that has not changed over the years has been the fact that super-villains have pretty much remained mostly black-hearted without too many exceptions. While some of them may have valid reasons for their villainous pursuits, most of them are unabashedly evil and that makes them interesting characters. After all, a superhero does need a super-villain to bring out the best in him, right.

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