Looking back at New Year celebrations


From the time since I can remember, New Years meant only one thing to me, the fact that Christmas Vacations at school were almost over and that I would have to go back to school, and more importantly I was close enough to my birthday that I would already start feeling a year older.

Now, while I was younger, and I mean till the time I was around 10 yrs old, I used to look forward to my birthdays quite a bit as they meant that one day of the year when I could do almost anything and get away with it without fear of any retribution. And the added bonus was that my parents would almost surely buy me a gift which I would figure out the best way to put to use to any which way. All these years I used to look forward to New Years’ eve as they got me that much more closer to gifts.

NewYearCartoon1The next ten years, from when I was 11 till I was 20 were also fun years, when it came to New Years’ eves and my birthdays. These were years when the gifts became less important when compared to the company of friends, family, cousins, etc on New Years’ eve. And given that none of these folks smoked or drank meant that we had quite fun times on these days, sitting around, playing indoor games, catching some idiotic programs on TV, generally having a good time. And the fact that we were all teenagers meant that we didn’t have any care in the world, and that no topic under the sun was taboo. We were bold, fearless, ready to take on the world and weren’t afraid of anything.

20 was the age when I started working, and this marked a significant change in my personality. From this point onwards, most holidays started being treated as stress-busters from a hectic work schedule. Weekends, New Years eves, all these just became an excuse to take some time off from work, grab a beer and vent our frustrations out. Given that I had quite a few friends at the workplace, most of these sessions would invariably involve bitching about the supervisors, catching up on the latest workplace gossip and rumors, and looking back now involved quite a bit of ‘bad blood’ about colleagues who we didn’t particularly like. The older me today looks back at those days and cringes with shame at the total waste of time, energy, creativity and effort in such meaningless weekends and conversations. But then I guess these were also part of the journey called ‘growing up’ which all of us have to inevitably undertake in our lives at some point of time.NewYearCartoon2

I got married when I was 27 and this yet again marked a huge change in my personality. This made me more responsible as a person and directly affected the way New Years’ eve was celebrated as well. The last few years have all been at home, silently heralding in the New Year with family (and at times friends as well). These are more modest, sedate, silent affairs where it is just a bunch of friends sitting around, having dinner, having good conversations, musing about the year(s) gone by and sharing our hopes and fears about the year(s) to come. I guess as good wine and whiskey mature over the years, my personality too has undergone similar changes as time passed by.

While I am not a big fan of retrospectives where I try and analyze all that I have learnt in the year gone by, I always ensure that the lessons I have learnt stay with me. While I do appreciate the fact that most of us use the New Year more as a new beginning, I personally would rather use each and every day of my life as a new beginning where I put the lessons I have learnt to good use. And 2014 is going to be no different.


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