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As the saying goes a thing of beauty is a joy forever, and what could be more beautiful that seeing your little three yr old daughter running around in the neighborhood park with her friends moving from the swings, to the slides, to the monkey bars and the merry-go-rounds. The sheer joy of watching her actively enjoy herself, bonding with other children her age, pushing her limits to seeing how much higher she can swing, is second to nothing else in this world.

As a child I remember spending endless hours in similar parks and playgrounds in and around my house. While it was evenings in school days, summer and winter vacations meant that the entire day would be spent with my friends playing various outdoor games ranging from gully cricket, soccer with small rubber balls, simple games of thief and police and at times even full contact rugby with the soccer ball doubling up as a rugby ball. Those days when life was simpler, less complicated and filled with more innocence than one can imagine were probably the best of my life. It therefore follows that I would want my daughter to enjoy her glorious carefree childhood days as much as possible.

Having said that, I enjoyed the benefits of having access to truly healthy and organic vegetables, fruits and food grains as a child. The same cannot be said for my daughter when almost all the food she eats seems to be contaminated in some form or fashion. While it is excessive use of pesticides and artificial coloring agents for the fruits and vegetables, it is other forms of additives for processed foods. Suffice to say that in today’s age, children have no option but to opt for health substitutes along with their regular food to remain immune to bacteria, germs and pollution around them.

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And it is in this scenario that we rely on the timeless Dabur Chyawanprash to provide immunity to my daughter and strengthen her immune system and internal constitution in general. With Amla, Giloy and at least 40 other natural ingredients, the safety cover that Chyawanprash provides to children is probably the best that I as a parent can ever wish for my daughter. The natural ingredients coupled with the intense care with which all of them are mixed together simulate the body’s defense mechanism by equipping the organs and the While Blood cells (our defenders from inside) with enough strength and endurance to fight away even the toughest of viruses.

You can read more about how Dabur Chyawanprash and its wonderful ingredients equip us to fight viruses, bacteria and germs better here at this link [Link to site]

And trust me when I say this, it’s not just our kids that will benefit by consuming Dabur Chyawanprash and becoming stronger, we as responsible citizens of India owe it to our country by helping Dabur build a healthier next generation, which is equipped to handle all the challenges thrown at them.

So, what are you waiting for, go ahead and start equipping your children to handle their futures with more strength, endurance and immunity.


This post has been written and published for Indiblogger’s Dabur Healthy Child Happy Home campaign.