Parikshit coming of age and the advent of Kali yuga

The foetus of Queen Uttara saw a divine energy of the size of a thumb, decorated with gold earrings and yellow silk like clothing, having four arms and wearing earrings of shining gold, having beautiful eyes and holding a golden flaming mace by which he destroyed the Brahma asthra.  The vision suddenly disappeared and later during an auspicious moment Parikshit, the sustainer of Pandava lineage was born.

Post natal ceremonies were performed with great grandeur and innumerable gifts were given to all. Yudhishtira, the righteous king asked the Maharshis predictions about his grandson. They told that he would be a great king like Ikshwaku and will even arrest Kali, the evil spirit of the next age. In the end knowing that he will meet his end soon by the bite of a serpant Takshaka, he will abandon all kinds of attachment and take his refuge at the feet of the supreme Lord. He will become famous in the world as Parikshit because he will always be testing whether the form he saw in the womb was the same in each man.

Vidura and his impact on Dhritharashtra

Vidura had gone on a pilgrimage and he had met Sage Maitreya on the way and gained the knowledge of Atman. He returned to Hastinapura and was received in a befitting manner by all. Vidura was in reality Yama, born as a man for a hundred years due to the curse of sage Mandavya and during that period of hundred years, Aryama acted in his place administering justice to the dead.

After a few years, Vidura advices Dhritharashtra that he who abandons hearth and home by a spirit of renunciation and the absence of any sense of self identification with anything and casts off his body – he is called a wise man with a settled understanding. The blind Dhritharashtra thus strongly advised by his brother, Vidura broke away his attachments and left the palace immediately. Gandhari, the daughter of Subala, the virtuous and devoted wife that she was accompanied her husband to the Himalayas. The next day Yudhishtira enquired to Sanjaya, the whereabouts of his uncles Dhritharashtra and Vidura,  and mother Gandhari but none knew where they had gone.

Just then sage Narada arrived and advised Yudhistira not to cling to this Maya and think that without him, his relatives could not survive. This entire Universe is the Lord alone and the soul of all souls. He has become many by his mysterious Maya. Vidura, Dhritharashtra and Gandhari are in a place of great ascetics in the Himalayas at a place called Saptasrotas- the spt where Ganga divides herself into seven streams to please the Saptarishis. By his yogic power Dhritharashtra will be burnt and his wife Gandhari would follow him in the fire. Vidura would wander the world as a pilgrim. Saying this much Narada wanders away.

Around this time Dharmaputra had sent Arjuna to enquire the wellbeing of Krishna. Even after seven months Arjuna did not return. Dharmaputra started seeing lot of evil omens began to worry about his brother and Lord Krishna.

Just about that time when Yudhishtira was thinking about evil omens then arrived Arjuna who looked grief-stricken and trembling to hold back tears. Yudhistira enquired Arjuna the cause of his depressed mood.

Arjuna replied that owning to the cures of holy men all the Yadus lost their sanity of mind. They fought among themselves in a drunken brawl and killed themselves. This is how Lord wanted the Yadu dynasty to be wiped out. Arjuna calmed his mind by thinking about Lord Krishna and the special instructions imparted by Him in the battlefield. His mind got cleared of all impurities and experienced himself as the pure spirit. Hearing this Yudhishtira made a decision of abandonment. Pritha, the mother of the Pandavas gave up her body and merged with the supreme spirit by her Yogic devotion to Him after hearing about Lord’s ascension and Yadu clan’s destruction. Yudhishtira performed the coronation of his grandson Parikshit. Dressed in bark clothes, without food and hair disheveled, his mind engrossed in the supreme spirit alone he started Northwards without even looking back.

All his brothers followed him in the path of abandonment. Draupadi finding that her husbands have renounced their life made her mind fill with Vasudeva and attained him. Vidura cast off his body and resumed his duties as Dharmaraja.

The advent of Kali yuga began after Krishna’s life.