He Fixed the Match, She Fixed Him – Shikha – Book Review


Goodreads blurb: Shreya – I’m a highly qualified Delhi girl earning an enviable salary. My parents are having a tough time finding a suitable groom for me. However, recently they have a proposal from this very interesting guy from Mumbai. I almost get mesmerized when he starts talking to me. I think I like him very much.

Kunal – I’m owner of a textile company in Mumbai. My Mom wants me to get married. Again. She has recently suggested a suitable girl from Delhi. What my Mom doesn’t know is that I’ve met Shreya before once in my life and I’ve been looking for her ever since. I have a vendetta to settle.

The author takes you along on a journey via roads of revenge, agony, remorse, attraction, titillation, tantalization and romance.

Do Shreya and Kunal make it, or do they fall prey to their past?


As the blurb suggests, Kunal marries Shreya for one reason and one reason only – revenge. Due to one burst of angry action from Shreya, she manages to ruin Kunal’s life as retribution for something he did in the past, but little did she know that this one deed would come back to bite her, and bite her hard in the future.

While the marriage begins with the usual sparks expected when two sworn enemies meet, what happens later is something that is both a little unusual and interesting, to say the least. What it is, and how it all unfolds is something that I will not discuss in this review. For that, you will have to read the book and figure it out by yourself.

Suffice to say that this book is quite a nice addition to the ‘chick-lit’ genre (for lack of a better term to describe this genre of books). Although I am not a big fan of this particular genre and rather prefer crime thrillers, I have to unashamedly admit that I quite liked this book. The combination of strong well-etched out main protagonists in Kunal and Shreya, a good supporting cast in the form of Anuradha, Vineet and the others, an unconventional storyline, a crisp narrative and easy-to-follow English; all of these make He Fixed the Match, She Fixed Him a quick breezy read.

Honestly speaking, it would be difficult for readers to make out that this is a debut attempt by the author as she shows quite a nice grasp of the craft of making the narrative interesting. She has not used any flab to increase the length of the book, nor has resorted to unnecessary situations and characters in the process of keeping the narrative moving. All in all, a good quick breezy read for all lovers of this genre.

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Disclaimer: I was provided with a review copy of this book by the author in return for a honest and unbiased review of the same.