The Other End of the Corridor – Sujata Rajpal – Book Review

TheOtherEndOfTheCorridorGoodreads blurb: When your dreams are tainted with lies and deceit, you have no other choice but to walk to the other end of the corridor.

Leela has nothing extraordinary about her except the dream to become famous. Her desires take wings when she gets married to a handsome boy from a respectable family in Delhi. But her dreams are shattered even before they have a chance to take flight.

She happens to meet two friends from a long forgotten past, which infuses hope and opens new avenues to realize her dormant aspirations.

Leela delves into previously unexplored paths of deception and forbidden passions that only make her stronger.

In an attempt to rediscover herself, she falls in love with life and with herself but her life takes a sudden turn again…

No matter what, Leela will continue to chase her dreams.

Where does this journey take her?


This book marks a new beginning for me as far as book reviewing is concerned. This was the first book that I have officially reviewed as a Tales Pensiever.

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My conclusion regarding this book – “The cons notwithstanding, this remains a decent attempt for a debut author especially given the choice of the powerful subject and theme. This is one book that mirrors societal realities in quite an easy to understand manner and while it may not provide answers to the same, it sure will make readers reflect on them.