The Simpsons – My love affair…

I don’t really remember when I first watched the Simpsons, I am guessing that I noticed one of my US returned nephew’s son (who by the way is only like 4 yrs younger than me, more on that later) wearing a Bart Simpson T-Shirt. Well, he didn’t really call him Bart, and called him ‘Banana Man’ for some funny reason. I am guessing the fact that Bart was (and still remains) banana yellow in color had something to do with it. In any case, like I said earlier I simply cannot remember when it was that I watched my first full episode of Simpsons. All that I know is that this particular series remains one of my all time favorite TV series then, now and probably forever.

Think about it, the Simpsons has it all, a typical all American family with a bumbling dad, a well meaning but kinda troublesome mother, a brat of a son, a brainy daughter, a drooly toddler and to top it all off a stupid dog as well. What more can a typical American family look like. In any case, apart from the fact that this series pretty much depicts all that America and Americans stand for, the fact that it uses humor as a medium to talk about all that is right and wrong with today’s America is what makes it stand out among the crowd.

Each of the characters stands out in his/her own way. Homer with his bumbling ways at work, at home, with all his relationships, Marge, his loving wife, the only person that pretty much holds things together in this family, Bart, the omnipresent trouble maker, Lisa, the brainy little sister and Maggie, the drooly lil kid, all of them hold their own among a much larger and regular cast of characters in this series. Although the show primarily revolves around Bart Simpson and all his antics, each of the characters have enough ammunition in their personalities and their little lives in Springfield to make up for a lifetime of memories.

Why am I writing all this now? Because I just happened to catch an episode of Simpsons on TV after quite a long time, and funnily enough some parts of this one is loosely based on the movie – Face Off. The best part about this series is that this family never grows older, wiser or boring as the years go by. Wish all our lives were like that, where we could retain the good, funny parts, and never grow older.

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