About me

Welcome to Mahabore’s Mumblings. Read more about the blog at this link [Link to About Mahabore].


I am Jairam Mohan, a Management graduate currently employed with a multinational IT company. The job helps pay the bills, but I personally believe that my true calling lies in boring people to death, hence the blog, Mahabore’s Mumblings.

Being a father to a 2 yr old daughter and having a keen interest in Indian mythology, you will find most of my posts related to parenting or Indian mythology. I do dabble with some short fiction and micro fiction from time to time when I attempt writing prompts.

Feel free to explore the blog, but more importantly have fun while doing so.


7 thoughts on “About me

  1. Sahi ha 😀Mr.Jairam Mohan.You seem to be having a very interesting personality.I love your narration of all the mythological stories and fiction stories.I am sure that no sooner or later your daughter will start reading and writing stories like you .

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