Rekindling my love for photography

Call it bragging, boasting or blowing my own horn, but the fact is that right from a very young age I have had a knack of looking at things very differently. While the rest of the folks around me would see the fallen branches of trees and the clogged drains after a good thunderstorm, I would probably be the only one who would notice the rainbow in the horizon; I was the only one who saw the ‘silver lining’ in the clouds, so to speak. It therefore goes without saying that I was thrilled to bits when I bought my first digital camera, all the way back in 2004.

It helped that I was on the picturesque hill-top campus of IIM Indore back in those days where everyday life offered more than a vista of the surrounding areas as well as the wonderfully and aesthetically designed campus itself. Suffice to say that I had quite a ball back in those days clicking a crazy amount of photographs. For someone who enjoyed photography so much even with the regular point and shoot analog cameras as a teenager, a digital camera was a blessing in disguise in that it allowed me to indulge in a lot of experimental photography.

However, as is the norm with all of us corporate slaves, life and professional commitments got in the way and the digital camera got relegated to a dusty corner of my cupboard. Over the last eight odd years now, I haven’t even bothered to pull it out of its cover, let alone take photographs. However, all this changed when two important things happened in my life in 2011.

First, I bought my first smartphone with a 13 MP camera which rekindled my love for photography. What with the fact that the phone was always with me and also supported a whopping SD Card which could store more than quite a few pictures. Second, the birth of my angelic cherubic daughter in late 2011 meant that I had more than enough reasons to indulge in photography. Both the availability of a good camera and an ever enthusiastic subject meant that photography made a comeback in my life.

However, the smartphone itself was not quite good and was made by a particular Korean company whose credo was that their products would work really well for a year or so by when they would have launched a new flagship with better features and latest software which would render the old phones redundant. This meant that although I was enjoying my photography I was not quite able to keep up with the latest in hardware and software updates as far as my mobile phone was concerned.

This issue will now be addressed squarely in the face with the launch of the new Moto E. The second generation phone in its series, this phone packs a powerful punch with its quad core processor, all day battery, Android Lollipop OS and customization options in the form of Motorola Bands and Grip Shells. As if these weren’t enough reasons to buy the phone immediately, the fact that it comes with two cameras – a rear facing one as well as a front facing one means that I can indulge in my love for clicking pictures with great gusto with the new Moto E.

What is better is the fact that clicking pictures with this phone is as easy as flicking my wrist twice to activate the rear facing camera and twist my wrist again to take selfies with the front facing one. Taking pictures has never been easier. I guess it is time for me to start taking photos by the dozen.

If you need more details regarding the new Moto E, visit their site at to enjoy the experience itself.



This post has been written for the #choose your smartphone journey with the all new Moto E blogging contest being conducted by Motorola in collaboration with Indiblogger, India’s largest community of bloggers.

4 thoughts on “Rekindling my love for photography

  1. I like the personal touch to the topic, Jai. The topic is something that I felt would unleash numerous promotional kind of entries, but yours is something refreshingly different. Good luck 🙂

  2. A very interesting post Jairam.This of post yours reminded me of my little brother Navin’s enthusiasm for photography and his Zeal in this got him many certificates when he was college student. The personal touch to this topic is mind blowing as it touched the core of heart😁😁

  3. @ Jairam Yes he still has Zeal for this activity .I can show a collection of his photos.He is a nature lover .So max photos from his collection are of the mountains,Sun birds and other things😊😊😊😊

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