Yesterday was precisely the day I had been dreading for a while now. It was one of those days that everybody talks about, and scares you. It was one of those days that make you doubt yourself, your ability to handle stress, and your guts and gumption.

Well, to be very honest, it was reasonably long overdue. After all, it had been quite a while since I had seen a day like that. In fact, the last such day was such a long time ago that I actually don’t remember when it was. Suffice to say, that it was at least more than 365 days ago, well before I landed up in this wonderful City of Nawabs, Hyderabad. In these 365 days, I have successfully travelled halfway across the world, spent around 30 days in the West Coast of the US of A, travelled all the way across to the East Coast where I spent another wonderful 30 days, without an incident of this nature.

Considering the law of averages, which per Wikipedia description states that “outcomes of a random event shall even out within a small sample”, which in layman terms assumes that unnatural short-term balancing must occur, in any event or in life in general. This being said, I had successfully managed to avoid the law of averages for more than 365 days, which in my books is a reasonable record by itself.

In fact, taking it a step further, Murphy’s Law which states that “if anything can go wrong, it will” was also disproved by me for the past one year or so, and that to me is probably a greater achievement than India going on to win at least 17 Gold Medals in the Beijing Olympics.

So, to get back to the point I was trying to make, yesterday was the day when both these laws, the law of averages and Murphy’s Law decided to catch up with me, and make me pay for being so cocky. Yesterday was the day when finally the bones, tissues, blood and muscles in my over-weight (just a tad) body decided to rebel against me. Yesterday was the day when I had to leave office, work and everything else midway, go back home and crawl up and go to sleep. Yesterday was the day when I had to actually take off half a day from work.


PS: Am back in office today though. Back to battle both these damn laws if not for anything else, just to prove that I am way better than them!!!

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