In Bruges – Movie Review

‘In Bruges’ had received so many decent to good reviews that it always intrigued me as a movie which I had to simply watch given a chance, and when I did get around to watching it, I was not disappointed. Yes, the sheer offbeat plotline of the story, good performances from two of my favorite actors, Colin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes and the entire setting of the story managed to keep me glued to my seat. Unlike regular seat of the edge thrillers, this movie takes its time to build the plot, slowly increase the pace of action and finally end up with enough twists and turns to reach a logical conclusion.

The story revolves around Ray, a novice assassin who is riddled with the guilt of accidentally having killed a young boy, and Ken, an experienced pro assassin hiding out in the Belgian town of Bruges. They take in the sights and sounds of this quaint little town to kill their time, while waiting for further instructions from their boss, Harry. While in Bruges, Ray gets involved in a fight with a Canadian couple in a drunken spree. In the meantime, Ken receives a call from Harry, who orders him to kill Ray for having killed a child.

Ken, a good friend of Ray’s, stuck with this unenviable task, manages to save Ray from committing suicide. He then tells Ray about his next target and Harry’s orders. Convinced that Ray would be better off out of the killing business, he asks Ray to disarm and leave the city. And then after Ray leaves town, Ken calls up Harry and tells him about this. This enrages Harry who takes matters into his own hands and comes to Bruges himself.

A twist in the tale though brings Ray back to Bruges, and this forms the climax of the movie with all 3 assassins in the same town, Harry trying to kill Ray, Ken trying to save Ray, and a few innocent characters caught in between. Albeit this makes for quite a comic situation, the deftness with which the script and the screenplay have been handled make this movie a good watch.

Colin Farrell portrays a wonderful Ray who has the blood of a child on his hands, Brendan Gleesan as Ken and Ralph Fiennes as Harry show why they are the experienced actors who can infuse life into complex characters, and overall the script and situations make this wonderful black comedy a nice movie.

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