There are many reasons why I write and ‘Money’ is not in the top 5.

This post is a must read for all the aspiring young Indian writers out there….

Ravi Subramanian

This piece written by me was published first by on 29th August 2015. You could read the article on here : Click here 

Every time I log on to Facebook, I find a number of people either wanting to write a book, or desperately hunting for a publisher having written a book. There are also scores of published authors, all attempting to promote their books.  This is indeed symptomatic of the fact that everyone today wants to become an author. And why not? If you have a story you want to tell the world, all you have to do is to open your laptop and start typing.
But why does everyone want to become a writer? Is it the inherent desire to tell a story? Is it the desire to change the world? Is it the passion for writing? Or is it greed?  I have no idea. I…

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