Shame on you!!! Chinese Health Authorities

The current ‘milk laced with melamine’ scandal just sickens me to my stomach to see just the extent of greed that we as humans go to. I mean, accepted that most of us would probably go that extra mile and do a nasty thing to squeeze that extra dollar/yen/rupee out from the other guy, but to target innocent young children who still have to figure out the ways of the world is probably the depths to which a person can bring himself to.

To add to this are news reports that it is not just milk but other milk-based products from these companies that are also adulterated. And the unconfirmed reports that there is a remote possibility that this particular scandal could probably have started around the time the Beijing Olympics was going on adds more fuel to the fire.

Maybe the Chinese Health Authorities knew about this at that time, but didn’t do anything about it as the Olympics was more of a public relations affair more than anything else. Or worse, maybe they were paid off by the companies themselves to turn a blind eye to what was happening.

In any case, let’s all pray for the healthy recovery of the 150 odd toddlers whose tiny little kidneys are in as bad as a shape as they can ever be.

– Jam

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